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More sales in the first quarter

At the end of the first quarter of 2013, real estate brokers draw the balance sheet and analyse the price variations. So what is the situation regarding the sales of homes in Canada and especially Montreal?



According to statistics from the Canadian Real Estate Association, it appears that the number of homes sold during the first three months of the year is increased compared to the end of the last year. However, the same statistics show that this year seems to have been less favorable for sales than the last year, considering that in March 2012, real estate brokers concluded 15% more sales.



Regarding house prices, according to CREA, they are slightly higher, but there are differences both as regards the type of region as the type of property.



For example, it is advantageous to sell a home in Montreal, where the price of single-family and plex is increasing. For example, a plex can reach $ 417,000.

By cons, in the same region, the price of condominiums was significantly decreased, the price being 1% lower than in 2011, with an average of $ 222,000 that which is the advantage of buyers and which can boost sales for real estate agencies.