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243981942 100/month x 12 month(s) 2
131144811 300/month x 12 month(s) 3


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Slight increase in sales in the real estate market

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the second quarter of 2013 starts with an increase in sales of houses and condos. More precisely, in April we bought 47,997 homes, which is 0.6% of the total in March.

The increase from one month to another, though modest gives hope for real estate agencies, who witnessed a significant drop in sales in 2013 compared to 2012.

The Association has also recorded the situations of the index of house prices. As expected, it is higher than in April 2012, but just with 2.2%, and this number is, according to the same source, the lowest annual growth for more than two years.

Regarding the average selling price, the Association states that we have reached $ 380 588, also an increase compared to last year, by 1.3%.

The situation of sales and prices, the variations that appear are due to differences between the types of homes and property market.